Men’s Activity Network is in an exciting period of transition to a new, community-owned network. The network aims to offer training, support and resources to a wide range of community initiatives focused on men.The Network will build on the work your group is already doing to give you the extra support to boost your members’ health, skills and abilities.

Health Champions

Men’s Activity Network has members who have been trained to become Health Champions.Health Champions have the skills to encourage other members to have conversations about their mental and physical health and can point them to the resources they need to get the right support.
The Health Champion programme can be accessed here.

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Leader Support

Men’s Activity Network offers peer support, advice and guidance if you’re interested in starting new groups or further developing existing groups aimed at men. This is an opportunity to learn from other groups who have been through similar experiences. You may also find other members with a particular skill or expertise that may help your group, and you can share your expertise in return.Technical support to start a new group is available through your local Community Voluntary Service. or by reading our documentation on the Mens Shed Model.

    Skill Builders

    Skill Builders are able to recognise the opportunities for other people to develop and enhance their skills, and support men to take control of their life and utilise the opportunities on offer. This could include volunteering, access to courses, or going for a new job. For information on how your shed or group can help to improve members skill sets and gain employment please click here.

    Additional Information and Support

    For additional help and support please click here to go to the mens health forum