What is it?

Shed-in-a-Bus is a Men’s Shed built into a double decker bus. It will visit communities and be the Shed for the community for typically one afternoon or morning each week. (This is similar to a mobile library, which provides library facilities to communities that don’t have fixed libraries.) In doing so, we hope that Shed-in-a-Bus will help new Sheds get established by demonstrating the need and helping them to secure fixed premises.

What they’re doing?

The activities of the shed are driven by the aims and interests of its membership, to benefit themselves, the wider community and to have fun.

Where they meet

At the moment we are still converting the bus in Basingstoke (please get in contact to join us. Once we are operational we will visit various locations in Basingstoke and the North of Hampshire

How to contact them

Contact us

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Can't Find What Your Looking For?

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